​​"A vida tem duas faces:

Positiva e negativa

O passado foi duro, mas deixou o seu legado.

Saber viver é a grande sabedoria.

Que eu possa dignificar minha condição de mulher, aceitar suas limitações e me fazer pedra de segurança dos valores que vão desmoronando.

(...)" Cora Coralina

The village.

Located in a national park, Paranapiacaba is a village of Santo André (Brazil) that was created to be a residence for employees of a train British company in 1874. Nowadays, the current residents of the village work with tourism.

Fashion impact.


​​A world which for many is seen by the beaty and color, for me it´s too shocking.



The old part of Arab cities that are walled inside of which is considered the new city. Here, the three main northern Morroccan medeas: Tanger, Tetuan and Chefchoen.

Vovô e vovó.


​​My grandmother´s home. Now empty.

By myself.


More difficult tn portray the lives of the others is to register my reality, is portray my intimacy, my feelings. The beauty and the sadness of living by myself.


Prisoner Blest. 

Rosary factory located inside the male Penitentiary Tremembé, in São Paulo. I was the only woman there. Some looked directly into my eyes without even blinking. Others kept their heads down and not looked up once, ignoring my presence.



Being in South Africa and observe the strength, beauty and power of a wild animal, inspired me to portray them with respect and admiration.


Northern Colors.


The Brazilian northern striking colors mark the unique features of this region of the country. This essay includes cities in the states of Pará and Amazonas.

Its people, its heat, its color.


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