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About me

Brazilian specialized in portraits, travel photography and documentary photography. Work since 2005 as a freelancer for photo agencies, travel and business magazines in Brazil, Portugal and Mexico. 
Specialized in Spain in Documentary Photography and Cine Documentary, I wrote, produced and co-directed the short documentary “Shahada” that was purchased and broadcasted by TV Catalunya, the second largest Spanish tv channel. It was also aired in 7 film festivals from 7 different countries, and in Morocco received an Honorable Mention.
I currently resides in São Paulo, Brazil and work for big companies that want to tell their stories through my photographic look.

Photography collective exhibitions:
2019: - "Loco Por ti America" - Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Mexico.

2014: -  'New Holland´s Photojournalism Award' - Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay.

         - 'Drible' - Sesc Itaquera (Soccer exhibition) - São Paulo, Brazil.

2013: 'Faces of the Brics' - Slovenia.

2012: - 'PhotoEspaña' - Spain.

        - 'Zarzuela´s Theater' - Spain.

2011: 'Lente Latino´s Award' - Chile.

2010: 'New Holland´s Photojournalism Award' - Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay.

2009: 'Paraty em Foco' Photography Festival - Exposition with the photo collective 'Na Casa' - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


Photography award:

2009: National Photography Saloon Pérsio Galembeck
         1st Prize and honorable mention



2012: Master of Documentary Photography (School of Photography and Image Center - Madrid, Spain)

2011: Master of Creative Documentary Film (Autonomous University of Barcelona - Barcelona, Spain).

2007: Bachelor Degree in Journalism (Methodist University of São Paulo - Brazil).

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