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Kaká - Photo Shooting Making Of

The soccer player Kaká in the photo shooting making of for the brazilian magazine "Soccer". Video made in Madrid, Spain.​​

Amsterdam Sauer - Photo shooting making of

The new colection of the jewelry brand. Video and edition by Anna Carolina Negri.

Natal & Pipa - Azul Magazine
The cities of Natal and Pipa (Rio Grande do Norte - Brazil) for Azul Magazine.


Orlando (USA) - Azul Magazine
The fun of Orlando (USA) beyond the parks for Azul Magazine.


Florida (USA) - TAM Magazine
The nature of Florida (USA) for TAM Magazine.


Teaser - Anna Carolina Negri


A group of Spanish women reveal their process of conversion to Islam and the challenges and needs regarding this decision. By looking closely at this process, 'Shahada' calls for a reflection on the intimate and social paradoxes that the conversion to Islam entails for a Western woman.

Kennedy Space Center
The Kennedy Space Center visitor at NASA's launch complex and National Aeronautics and Space Administration field in Florida.